I have heard, seen, written, and said that phase before. The audible, visual, physical, and vocal part of that phrase is pretty well useless. Action is the key. So I quit.

I had a job working for a company, that at one time I was absolutely passionate about my work. We were helping people and making money doing it. All along there was just something missing, small almost unnoticeable at first. A feeling easily forgotten, dismissed as too complicated. “Don’t mess up a good thing,” I told myself.

The greater good. That was it. The undeniable feeling of goodness while doing something that could potentially help make the world a better place. For me it was saving some pieces of paper. 15 pages of paper turned into something that could be done on a tablet. I want to do the same thing for other companies. We can save some trees and plant a few new one That’s it, that is my thing.

Joel Sheets